So you do not like company and wish to have a time of your lifetime on your own or with your family. Well, as your local outfitter in Nepal, we have got just right offer for you. ALL our trips, adventures, peak climbs, expeditions and trekking in Nepal can be done in private. Mind you we do NOT recommend doing Peak Climbs and Expeditions on your own though.

As a Tour Operator in Nepal, we have been conducting a lot of Private Trips as many customers like it that way. We will have all the options for you just like we offer for groups, so you will get plenty to choose from. As outfitters in Nepal, we will make sure your trip remains private and you enjoy your time on our own or with your family. Private Trips to Nepal can have the following adventures including Trekking in Nepals ultimate in the forms of Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek. No matter how Private you wish to go, you will have to bare with at least ONE of our staff member at ALL times. Sorry for disrupting your privacy but this is a must.
-   All the Trekking we have on offer
-   All the Peak Climbs we have on offer (NOT Recommended)
-   All the Expeditions we have on offer (NOT Recommended)
-   Jungle Safari
-   Rafting
-   Kayaking
-   Zip-Flyer
-   Mountain Flights
-   Chopper Flights
-   Power Glider Flights
-   Paragliding
-   Bungee Jump
-   Hiking
-   Cycling
-   Motor Bike Trips

Being your local outfitter in Nepal, we would like to remind you that ALL adventures we offer can either be enjoyed on their own or in combination with other adventures like trekking in Nepal, be it Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Trek. At the same time, if you are planning on peak climb or expedition or trekking in Nepal, any of our adventures can be added on to your trip with extension of a few days. Please bear in mind that these added adventures will NOT be included after the booking and payment has been completed. As your outfitter in Nepal, we must remind you that it will be next to impossible to arrange a smooth adventure trip on the last hour. We will be needing professional guides for each adventure we offer and last minute additions or alterations are NOT RECOMMENDED.

More information on this challenging and breathtaking adventure can be made available on request. If it is a combination you are seeking, then package will be explained in detail while booking with us as your local outfitter in Nepal. Our information pack will include the followings:
- Complete Overview of the adventure
- Complete list of Gears Required
- Emergency Plans and Rescue Operation overview
- Day to Day Itinerary ( with the adventures added on) (Like: trekking in Nepal + Rafting)
- Cost for the whole trip to Nepal including all adventures
- Cost of permits and other un-covered expenses that you must be aware of

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